Stormwater Strategies for
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Practical solutions to reduce stormwater fees and manage maintenance costs.

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PEER Environmental, LLC

PEER is a stormwater strategy company that develops, designs, constructs and maintains on-site stormwater management systems.

Stormwater management is the effort to reduce the amount of rainwater or melted snow that runs off a property into sewers, streets, waterways or adjacent properties.

In Philadelphia, property owners pay monthly fees based on the amount of impervious area (roofs and parking lots).

PEER successfully leverages grant funds available from the City to retrofit on-site stormwater management on to existing properties. When completed, the property is eligible for up to an 80% reduction in site stormwater management fees. As an example, the current annual fee for a one-acre parking lot is $6,450 per year. If managed on site, that fee can be reduced to $1,290.

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Our impact to date


Acres Managed


$ Saved in Monthly Charges


Gallons of Water Managed

We have completed projects on 19 properties that have been funded with more than $10 million in grant money since 2015.


Talamudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia

6063 Drexel Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia, with the assistance of PEER, obtained a grant that covered 100% of the cost of design and construction of on-site stormwater management for their property in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia.

The stormwater system consists of three underground infiltration beds constructed on their two properties and saves the Yeshiva approximately $7,600 per year in stormwater fees that otherwise would be paid to the Philadelphia Water Department.

Aid for Friends

Baker Industries

Computer Components Corporation

Galdos Catering and Entertainment

La Salle University

Prodigy Learning Center

St. Vincent's Seminary

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Our Process

Here's how it works...

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) will provide grants to private property owners who are willing to install on-site stormwater management. These grants can cover up to 100% of the cost of design and construction. As additional incentive, PWD will provide an 80% credit against the stormwater fees for the impervious areas that are managed on site. The fees currently are $6.17 per 500 square feet of impervious surface per month, so on-site management would save $4.94 per 500 square feet per month.

Since 2014, PEER has completed or is under design or construction of 19 stormwater management projects that manage the stormwater runoff from almost 62 acres of impervious surfaces. These projects have been funded 100% by grants, which have totaled over $10 million. We have installed five rain gardens and 19 underground infiltration beds since 2015.

PEER has over five years of experience designing and constructing on-site stormwater management. The Managing Member, Dennis Shelly is a licensed professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience in environmental and stormwater management. The Director of Development, Micah Shapiro, is a Registered Landscape Architect with more than seven years of design-build experience with stormwater management including green and blue roofs.

Supplemental to the development, design and construction of stormwater management systems, we also provide stormwater system inspection, maintenance and repair services. The presence of stormwater management systems carries a maintenance obligation that, if unattended, can lead to nuisance, ponding, enforcement penalties, loss of stormwater fee credits and, ultimately, system failure and replacement.

We're responsible...

We believe that to sustain and grow our business, we need to constantly remind ourselves that "Good Enough" is not good enough, ever. We rely on our reputation with property owners, our subcontractors and with Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) to move our business forward. We commit to respond quickly, keep you informed and strive to move your from "satisfied" to "pleased" with our effort.

We will not achieve perfection, but we strive to:

  • Be Responsive

    Our company name, PEER, is an acronym that stands for “Practical, Experienced and Effective Response”. You deserve nothing less. We will respond to emails and phone calls within hours, use our experience to find the most practical and effective solutions for your needs. We treasure our “satisfied” clients, but do our best to move them to “happy”.

  • Be Respectful

    We work on your property, but we strive to treat is as if it was our own, leaving it better than it was before we started.

  • Create Jobs

    We hire based on potential, provide opportunity for growth through on-the-job training and support of classroom development, and challenge our people to stretch their skills so that we can promote from within.

  • Be Green

    There is no one solution that works for all situations. Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is the goal. Green can be achieved through vegetative practices, but property retrofits generally are constrained by ongoing property utilization needs. Green also is achieved by reducing the volume and sediment load of runoff, protecting waterways and reducing downstream flooding. Our experience incorporates rooftop, surface and subsurface systems.



Evaluate potential for funding, provide a proposal.


Conceptual Design

Provides the basis for funding.


Grant Application

Many projects qualify for 100% grant funding.



Verify site utility locations, complete detailed design.



Construction overseen by PEER personnel.


Close Out

Record of project, file for and receive resolution and fee credit reductions.



Preventative maintenance assures ongoing performance and retention of fee credits.

PEER will work with you to evaluate the potential for obtaining grant funding to manage stormwater on your property. We have successfully negotiated the grant funding programs for five years. While the grant program has become more competitive, our evaluation will provide you with an accurate assessment of your options. Follow the three steps below and we will contact you to set up an initial site visit.

STEP 1: Use an easy tool to evaluate your property. Stormwater Billing Estimator

STEP 2: Send us your PDF (print-out)

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STEP 3: We'll call you

We will evaluate your site and contact you to inspect the property and discuss the process in detail.


Maintaining stormwater management systems is an obligation of the property owner. Too often, current property owners are not aware of these obligations, an omission that too often changes what could have been an operating cost into a capital expenditure. Give us a call, we will inspect your system and provide you with a proposal for system restoration (if needed) followed by an annual inspection and preventative maintenance program that will assure that the system assures design performance and long term service.