PEER Environmental, LLC

Stormwater Strategies for Property Owners

Dennis P Shelly, P.E. founded PEER Environmental, LLC in 2013.  Starting in 2010, he assisted property owners to respond to the Stormwater Management System (SWMS) fees in Philadelphia by verifying and correcting the fee assessments.  Through this process, properties were identified that had constructed on-site stormwater management practices (SMPs) but were not receiving available SWMS fee credits because of incomplete documentation.  The reasons for these deficiencies ranged from minor construction deficiencies or lack of as-built construction drawings to a lack of documentation regarding ongoing maintenance of the SMPs.  Through these relationships, opportunities were identified to participate in City incentives to reduce the SWMS fees by retrofitting on site SMPs.  

PEER was formed in recognition of the value of being able to provide single-provider development, design, construction and maintenance of on-site SMPs.  Municipalities surrounding the City also have stormwater regulations and, depending on local enforcement efforts, suburban property owners also need to provide inspection and maintenance of on-site SMPs.  

PEER, through its Stormwater Strategies division provides:

  • Documented inspections of SMPs.
  • Maintenance and repairs of SMPs.
  • Development of conceptual designs and cost estimates for SMP retrofits
  • Obtaining grants from Philadelphia for the design and construction of SMP retrofits.
  • Design and Construction of SMP retrofits.
  • Management of the entire process so that costs to the property owner are minimized and that the resulting fee reduction is maximized. 

Mr. Shelly is a seasoned civil and environmental engineer with extensive experience in the assessment and management of environmental, health and safety risk.  He has held positions in design engineering and construction management, has led management consulting, compliance and environmental due diligence practices for global firms.  He has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Penn State and a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. PEER experience has included:

  • Participation in the "greening" of almost 33 acres of impervious surfaces in Philadelphia during the last three years. 

  • Project Management for a three-year SMP retrofit program for a Philadelphia University.   Two of three years have been completed.  The project has been funded completely with Stormwater Management Incentive Program (SMIP) grants, totaling over $1.5 million.  Funding for a third phase is pending.  

  • Maintaining and providing documented inspections of existing SMPs for compliance with Philadelphia (and surrounding communities) requirements.  

  • Documentation of compliance with Operating and Maintenance requirements to assure compliance and to obtain and retain stormwater fee credits.

  • Obtaining funding for and/or managing SMP retrofit programs at a Catholic seminary, a non-profit educational facility, a non-profit work program and a non-profit food and companionship organization.   

  • Submitting or supporting applications for SMIP funding for retrofits of SMPs on a catering/entertainment facility, a learning center, a Jewish seminary, a Baptist center, a computer components manufacturer. 

  • Provided SMP inspection and maintenance services for multiple shopping centers, schools, and manufacturing facilities.