PEER Environmental, LLC

Stormwater Strategies for Property Owners

​​PEER Environmental, LLC is a stormwater management company.  We are a prime contractor that develops, designs, constructs and maintains on-site stormwater management systems.  We often utilize Philadelphia grant funding to design and install on-site stormwater management on private property. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) provides grants to private property owners for the design and installation of on-site stormwater management.  As additional incentive, PWD provides an 80% credit against the stormwater management system fees for the impervious areas of the property for which the first 1.5 inches of runoff is managed on site. 

Since 2014, PEER has completed or is under construction of 12 stormwater management projects that manage stormwater runoff from almost 34 acres of impervious surfaces.  These projects have been funded 100% by Grants, which have totaled over $5.7 million.  We have installed five rain gardens and 19 underground infiltration beds since 2015.  We currently have and additional eight projects under design, which will manage the stormwater from an additional 26 acres with total funding of approximately $5.1 million.  

PEER has five years of experience designing and constructing on-site stormwater management.  The President, Dennis Shelly is a licensed professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience.  The Chief Operating Officer, Micah Shapiro, is a Registered Landscape Architect with more than seven years of design-build experience with stormwater management using green and blue roofs. 

Supplemental to the development, design and construction of stormwater management systems, we also provide stormwater system inspection, maintenance and repair services.